Appalachia CARES

The Appalachia CARES program is a state-wide AmeriCorps program of the Clinch-Powell Resource Conservation and Development Council. Its primary direct service activities include the implementation of projects and education related to Housing Services, Energy Efficiency, and Capacity Building. Housing Services include resource support, assessment, education, identification of appropriate housing, and home repairs for economically disadvantaged individuals and families in the rural and urban areas served by the program. Energy Efficiency initiatives include energy efficient and environmentally-conscious practices, including, but not limited to, sustainable energy and other natural resources, sustainable agriculture, and environmental stewardship. Appalachia CARES member positions are designed to expand the capacity of partner organizations by supporting the efficiency, effectiveness, and impact of program outreach.

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The Appalachia CARES program is a grant funded AmeriCorps program. The grant is awarded by Volunteer Tennessee located in Nashville, TN. AmeriCorps enrolls more than 250,000 individuals in intensive service each year to serve organizations making a difference in 40,000 communities across the country. To learn more, visit the AmeriCorps and Volunteer TN websites.

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Appalachia CARES/AmeriCorps Program Staff

Trenna served 2 terms with the Appalachia CARES / AmeriCorps program at Clinch-Powell before joining the staff as the Program Director in 1997. She directs this large statewide program in partnership with a network of community based organizations as well as the recruitment and oversight of members.

Stephani has been involved with CP since 2005, full-time since 2010. An Appalachia CARES / AmeriCorps alum herself, she now assists with the management of the program. She has a B.A. in Visual Communication from Maryville College and manages branding and graphic design for CP.