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We constantly strive to build and maintain meaningful relationships with our partner agencies and the communities in which we serve. Approval of a new service site is dependent on a variety of factors, including time of year, funding, positions available, and cohesion with our mission and focus areas.

All partner sites must be prepared to provide the following basic requirements to host an Appalachia CARES / AmeriCorps member:

Recruitment and Supervision
The service site must provide an active role in recruiting applicants for the Appalachia CARES /AmeriCorps program, provide on-site supervision and abide by the hours and work schedules mutually agreed to for each participant. The on site supervisor will undergo a three-part criminal history check before supervision can occur. Site supervisors will verify service hours by signing timesheets twice per month on the 15th and the last day of the month, participate in periodic member performance evaluations, and sign off on in-kinds and quarterly reports.

The service site must provide a safe and healthful environment for each AmeriCorps member, provide adequate orientation and training necessary to perform assigned duties, provide all supplies and equipment needed to carry out service, and treat each participant as a member of the organization/agency team.

The service site must credit the Appalachia CARES / AmeriCorps program as a participating partner related to any promotional or educational event, workshop or written or electronic material aided by AmeriCorps members. Materials developed by AmeriCorps members may not be copyrighted or patented as they are supported by federal funds. The AmeriCorps logo will be provided on request. A sign will be provided to place at the entrance of the site to inform the public that an AmeriCorps Member serves there. A digital logo will be provided for use on websites.

If you are interested in a member placement for your organization, contact

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