Building Permits

Clinch-Powell issues building permits for the City Limits of Blaine, TN and Bean Station, TN. As of September 2016, building permits were not required in any other part of Grainger County.

Clinch-Powell issues building permits Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM. With advanced notice, we may be able to accommodate your schedule.

Have the following information with you when you come to obtain your building permit:

  • Description of work to be performed
  • Amount of heated & unheated SQ FT to be worked on
  • Type of foundation, basement, and number of stories
  • Location of construction
  • Owner’s full name
  • Contractor information and license number if applicable
  • Cost of construction

The cost of your permit will be determined by this information. Call our office at 865-828-5927 to get a quote for your permit cost.

We accept Cash or Money Orders for the exact cost of your permit only. Make Money Orders payable to Clinch-Powell.

For more detailed information, or questions about whether or not you a required to have a building permit, visit or contact the Tennessee Residential Building Office at 615-741-7170.

If you fill out this application and bring it with your payment to our office, it will expedite the process. Payment must be in cash. The fee schedule can be found here .

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