Cherry Acuff, Clinch-Powell Board of Directors Chairperson

Cherry is the current Chairperson for our Board of Directors. Cherry has actively served on the Board for the last twenty years following a long career in insurance sales. Described by the Executive Director as “our Champion and the best kind of Chairperson an organization could ask for,” Cherry is not afraid to get her hands dirty and regularly volunteers her time to a wide array of Clinch-Powell projects.

Cherry became involved with Clinch-Powell in 1999 when she served on the Board of Directors for the Clinch-Powell Enterprise Community for which Clinch-Powell Served as the Fiscal Agent. She was impressed by Clinch-Powell’s commitment to service of the community and management of programs. The Board and Staff of Clinch-Powell were equally impressed by Cherry and invited her to the Board. The rest is history!

Cherry has been a constant supporting force behind Clinch-Powell since the moment she became involved and much of our success is owed to her outstanding leadership. And this year, in our 30th anniversary celebration, we celebrate her dedication by honoring her as one of our 30 faces in 30 years.