Heidi Taylor, Hancock County Resident

Heidi has a heart for people and her community. She is a longtime employee of the Jubilee Project in Sneedville, TN where she takes seriously the agency’s mission of helping the people of Hancock County to meet their spiritual, economic, social and physical needs. Jubilee has partnered with Clinch-Powell on many projects, and Heidi often makes referrals to Clinch-Powell for families she works with. So when Heidi had a need of her own, Clinch-Powell was more than happy to step in and help.

Heidi’s home needed repairs. Her inaccessible driveway caused her to walk uphill to get to her home, which was particularly difficult in bad weather. She also needed a new roof and a new heat and air unit. Clinch-Powell was able to meet her needs through our partnership with THDA using funds from their Appalachian Renovation Loan Program.

Clinch-Powell loves serving our communities, but working with clients like Heidi who give so much of themselves to their own community really embodies the Clinch-Powell mission which is to build strong communities. Heidi represents so many of the wonderful local people we are able to serve.