President, Citizens Bank and Trust of Grainger County

Clinch-Powell has had the opportunity to work with many wonderful businesses, groups and organizations from all over the United States, but one of our most valuable relationships is homegrown right here in Grainger County where our office is located. George Shirley is the president of Citizens Bank and Trust of Grainger County, a trusted partner since we opened our first bank account with them in the beginning stages of our organization.

Since that time we have partnered with them in a number of key programs. They have worked alongside us to fund local small businesses, and they became our Banking Partner for the Federal Home Loan Bank of Cincinnati, allowing us to provide down payment assistance to families wishing to purchase homes. Lindy Turner, Clinch-Powell’s Executive Director says, “The bank has been a willing partner in just about any project we have asked them to join us in. We are so grateful for their ongoing support.” Most recently they have partnered with us in the Carol M. Peterson Home Repair program to provide funding for necessary home repairs to local borrowers who could not afford to make the repairs themselves.

We truly are grateful for George and the rest of the CBT Grainger team for not only being great partners but great neighbors as well.