THDA (Tennessee Housing Development Agency)

The Tennessee Housing Development Agency (THDA) has partnered with us since we first began working in affordable housing in 2002. THDA plays a very important role in many of the housing services we provide. As the pass-through agency for a number of federal and state grants, they have assisted us in bringing critical funds and services to the communities we serve. Using federal HOME grant dollars received via THDA, we have been able to create 24 affordable homeownership opportunities through new construction or rehabbing and financing existing housing, and have recently received additional grant funds to continue this work. HOME dollars have also allowed us to create 9 affordable rental units, and other THDA funding assisted with an additional 19 rental units for a total of 27 in seven counties. In the past two years, THDA has partnered with us through the Appalachian and Tennessee Renovation Loan Projects to provide no-cost home repairs to 27 low income families, with several more in process. Additionally, with THDA’s help we have provided more that 4.5 million dollars in mortgage rescue funds to individuals and families at risk of foreclosure. THDA also provides support for our homeownership counseling and education programs and continuing education training opportunities for our counselors. We are grateful for the many ways we work with THDA to bring affordable housing opportunities to the communities we serve. #30faces #30years