Would you like to own a home but feel that debt or credit may be an issue? Clinch-Powell counselors can help! Our certified and knowledgeable staff will evaluate your specific circumstances and work with you to develop a practical, personalized plan for attacking the barriers that stand between you and homeownership.

Our counselors can work with you either over the phone or in person at our office.

To get started, complete our Homebuyer Pre-Application and our Pre-Purchase Coaching supplemental pages.

Financial Opportunity Center program

Would you like to become more financially stable and/or improve your employment situation? Clinch-Powell’s Financial Opportunity Center is a place that can provide you with access to the resources, skills, and the support you need to achieve your goals.

The FOC will offer services in three primary areas - Workforce Training, Financial Coaching, and Income Support Services. A Clinch-Powell career and finance coach will work with you individually to help you gain the skills needed for obtaining employment, qualifying for promotion opportunities, and overcoming barriers to financial stability. Clinch-Powell will also provide personal budget and credit coaching, as well as access to resources to meet your needs while you are working to improve your situation.

The process begins with evaluating and establishing your personal goals and creating a plan of action. Your coach will connect you with resources and training opportunities specifically designed to meet the goals you have set for yourself. Your coach will then walk you through the steps in your action plan, providing encouragement, guidance, support, and connections to resources that will lead you to long term stability in your employment and finances.

To get started, complete our Financial Opportunity Center Referral Intake Form.

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